U.S. and Chinese trade talks are among the most prodigious topics in current markets. The results can put a serious affect on global economies.  Officials from both countries concluded the first two days of talks on Thursday in a 90 minutes meeting. This meeting is to be continued on Friday. Officials from both countries are close to collapsing as President Trump already prepares to go ahead with plans to hike interest rates from 10 percent to 25 percent on $200 billion imported goods. Yesterday officials did not speak to reporters as they left the meeting. President Trump said that he was very close to the deal and about to pass the orders but Chinese officials starts renegotiating and they can’t have that. According to the sources, China opposes unilaterally imposed tariffs and asked US for negotiations, stating that there will be no winner in this trade war. China is also fully prepared to defend its interests. According to US officials there is no chance for negotiations. In Defend, China’s Commerce Ministry asked about counter measures to US tariffs, said that if US implements Tariffs then China will take necessary measures. Though, this fight has put a negative effect on global economy in both equity and commodity market. Still U.S. – China talks see minor to no progress.

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