Gold rose on Wednesday witnessing the highest growth in last two weeks. Due to falling dollar and getting a green signal from Brexit chaos, Gold has managed to show a rise today though this is a temporary rise in the prices. Weaker U.S economic growth is affecting the U.S dollar will ultimately pull up the gold prices in the market. According to analysts, Gold, at the end of the year managed to secure his place in the market as it used to do earlier. Due to continued market uncertainities and expansion in protectionist policies, there is a chance for future rise. The structural and cultural reforms in key market of India and China will support the demand of the yellow metal in both jewellery and technology. However, Gold can face a backlash if Fed will impose higher interest rates in future that will strengthen the dollar but there are chances that these effects will not affect in the long run due to the monetary policies of other central banks. China is not in an urge to purchase more of this metal since December 2018 when it purchased 9.95 tonnes of gold but the average purchasing of China has increased as it started to buy more of gold reserves to reduce their dependency on U.S dollar, as a alternative way to boost their economy.

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