There has been series of events when people have been cheated online by major e-commerce giant Paytm while booking hotels. Recent case of this fraud has came out when one of their client had been looted by their inappropriate policies. There has been different pricing of the same hotel in multiple sites. The same room can cost you Rs 699 to Rs 2700 in different sites. Hence it will increase the chances of unfairness among people. Paytm shows two to three times more amount on booking. Train tickets can sometimes cost you three times of their actual price while there has been a huge margin that the company takes in online hotel booking.



Mr Rahul booked Jaipur based Hotel Arco Palace today. He booked a room of Rs 1,693 and paid through Paytm immediately. Once he reached with his wife, the hotel denied their entry due to in availability of their wife’s identity card. They decided to cancel their booking and move to a different hotel.


According to Paytm guidelines, it is mentioned that no refund will be given to people who cancel their booking and 100% cancellation charges will apply. So if a person books a hotel of any cost will not get a single penny refund either hotel deny their entry or in emergency issues which is not similar in case of other sites like Makemytrip or Goibibo who has the similar policies but tends to solve their customer’s requirement and condition. Although the hotel refunded the money to Paytm, Mr Rahul did not get his refund due to company’s policies.

There have been many cases when people gets dissatisfied by their policies and Paytm’s image in the market has been slowly becoming crummy. Though the company has earning higher profits with this but their lack of providing customer satisfaction can affect them in long run.

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