Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, who is popular to remain in the limelight for his malapropos also enjoys a cult following among many of Tesla’s customers. Now he is once again combating the Securities and Exchange Commission, after the news that the board can strip him of his position of his own company.

According to SEC , Musk didn’t asked for their permission to tweet about Tesla’s production. He tweeted that Tesla will produce 500000 cars this year which was inaccurate according to the company. They are finalizing to remove him as CEO. But the decision is not entirely on SEC, it would be up to a judge instead.

Musk is a mixed bag for Tesla. He is undoubtedly a genius behind the huge change the industry introducing electric cars but he is the one responsible for driving Tesla behind in the stock market. If Elon leaves,Tesla can recruit and maintain senior management. Elon’s visionary ideas are responsible for company’s growth but stakeholders and investors are suffering from his misbehavior in almost regular intervals. He is also leading two other companies which is also a distraction for him. Still his followers believe that he is irreplaceable. His product vision, focus on pace of innovation and delivering great customer experiences with extra ordinary ideas are not easily replicated.

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