Today, 20th February, a car moving from Odisha to Uttar Pradesh was checked by Chattisgarh police when found inscrutable . All the four people sitting in the car were found mischievous. Police told them to get outside the car. After tearing the seats of the car under inspection police found Rs 11.9 crore cash in the car which Banwari, Prahlad, M. Ibrahim and Nazma were taking out of the state to UP. All 4 people are from Agra.  They claimed that the Sarrafa businessman Awadhesh Agarwal was returning from Katak with the payment and they took his car which police has complete doubt on their statement. Due to excess of cash it took hours to police to count all of it. All the four people are under police supervision and police is trying to go deep in this matter. For further inquiries a team from Income Tax Department has been called to investigate the whole matter. Though it is the election time and no wonder this money and the people can have political connection with this.

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