Last month was little down due to uncertainity about federal budgets and excess of financial market practioners causing a slowdown in Europe ,China and U.S. In small businesses , their hiring policies boost the economy with more jobs given to people. Money on inventory spend and capital used were strong .. Still the owners expressed concern regarding future sales growth ,regarding weakness in the economy. Economy is hard to grow in the full employment condition.  Some part of the management team is now controlled by Democrats . Some new policies have been created to reduce the longest partial government shutdown in the history . This has created a partial threat to the global economy .The NFIB Uncertainty Index rose 7 points to 86. Created more possibilities to ‘recession risk’. A analyst pointed out that GDP grew to 4% n the year prior to the year with recession risk. This growth rate is very strong and it has been well seen that this growth rate created imbalances in the market that can both effect the economy and government. As in this month, the economy looks strong, including manufacturing and construction. As of now , the current growth that stands at 2.9% is a good sign but created fewer imbalances in the economy but is a good sign for both customers and businesses.

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