Intel Corporation is planning to change the automobile market by advancement in technology. They are creating new design with new algorithms of cars with automated driving. These cars will be designed with the correct and detailed data. These cars will perform through machine and not by humans. It will open a new market for people and enhance job opportunities but it is not an easy task for the company. Billions of dollars have been used for this captivating project but improvements are still needed. Countries like India , with excess of population can be proved out to be the best place to practice the technology and providing improvements. If the car makers can successfully negotiate the country’s traffic ,then it can successfully launch their products in any part of the world as Indian roads and traffic is the most complicated. Launching self driven cars in populous countries  is a big challenge. A car brand has practiced a new update of self driven car in Beijing but the test failed as it shut down in the middle of the road locking its occupants inside the car and cause huge traffic. The software initially controls the whole car including door locks , brakes, clutch ,gear , directions ,speed etc. Many scientists are also working on the next generation of batteries suitable for such cars with temperature control to provide sufficient power 

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