Gold has now a changing slob for investors as its value has been continuously decreasing from last few days. There is a major chance of heavy decline in its value in upcoming days. Mcxpricelive.com will keep you updated with live updates.

With the current status on Gold there are chances Gold April on MCX may go down from this point . This will continue to the next couple of days .Previously it was 33495 high with today’s value of 33455. The future prediction value of this precious metal will decline to 10 to 15 points more.

With the heavy fluctuations in the market due to consumption demand, inflation, interest rates, geo political factors , correlation with other asset classes etc Gold is now on a worrying pace. Here are some things you can do as an investor.

We advice you to sell Gold April at the level of 33350 – 33400 with S.L. of 33500 .In future we can see first level of 33050 and chances of getting it even much lower.


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