Whether Investment in stock market is a good idea or not is a confusing question. A lot of people invest in shares , bonds and securities. The covetousness of earning extra money often lead  the people in trouble .People tend to earn money through their investments without having sound knowledge of the company they are investing in has put the people in a rat hole. However, earning through equities is not always a good option. The volatility of market now a days has put the investors in dilemma.  An appropriate decision for investment in stocks should always be based on person’s tolerance of risk, time period and financial situation. One must invest to expect higher returns in a long term. U.S. markets are deliberately showing good results in consistent years followed by Japan , Canada and China .Getting a complete knowledge of business and invest and sell according to the market fluctuations proved out to be an ample way of getting profits. One must not invest more than 10% of your earnings in stocks.  Investment in stocks should be a forbear method and not time bounded. Even after investing if you decided to sell investments in  the downfall of market ,remember that you have invested for time far in the future. You will get good returns when the market recovers. Putting most of your money in stocks can be very risky. You can lose most of your wealth any time. Although it showed huge potential of returns in some cases.

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