This year, interim budget has focused more on taxpayers as any other year. Individuals having net income of up to 5lpa get a full tax rebate this fiscal year. This will provide tax saving of up to Rs 12,500. Also individuals, having a gross income of Rs 6.5lpa don’t need to pay tax if they are making an investment .Finance minister  Mr Piyush Goyal also mentioned that the standard deduction would be raised from Rs 40,000 to Rs 50,000. This will increase the liquidity in the market and will show positive results. People will have more money in their hand and also look in different sources to invest them. Stock market will show positive impact with the union’s decision. Though , this is a rebate and not a slab change. People having income of more than Rs10,00,000 will not get much benefit . Easier way is to add home loans or tution fees to get additional benefits. The government render relief package to the small scale industry sector. This is a boon time for the economy to recover the consistent loss of last few quarters. . Due to more liquidity in the market ,people tend to invest in more consumer durable goods which will show positive impact on GDP of the country .It will increase the soundness of Indian rupee with US dollar. The market share price of the company is likely to increase . Shares of HDFC, Reliance ,HCL ,PNB are showing positive impacts.

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